Are casino slot machines random

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The only non-random thing about any given slot machine is the fact that over any long span of time they are designed to make the house money. Dollar machines at most casinos in Colorado are set to around a 97% payback, meaning for every dollar you play, on average, you will get ninety-seven cents back.

On the average, then, for every $1 you give me to play, I will return 95 cents to you. The RWB Ping Pong Ball Game is just like a 95% payback slot machine. Even though the outcomes in both games are chosen completely at random, each pays back 95% of the money played in the long run. How Slot Machines Work - Real Facts About Casino Slots Slot machines use a random number generator. Early slot machines were mechanical (think coin slots), but they still used a random number generator, in the same sense that a roulette wheel, a deck of cards, or a pair of dice are also random number generators. Slots Random Number Generator - What Is the Random Number Generator (RNG)? All the slot machines in all the casinos now operate by utilizing the RNG, a microchip that generates numbers all the time, even when nobody plays the machine.

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Answer 1 of 34: Just some food for thought. I may be stubborn or as my wife say " pig headed " but sometimes it is hard to believe the slot machines are totally random. How Online Casino RNG's (Random Number Generators) Work What Are Random Number Generators ... All About Online Casino Random Number Generators. ... Traditional slot machines were originally placed in land-based casinos ... Slots Random Number Generator - Coolcat-Casino